Reggio Registers

Looking for an all-wood solution to cover unsightly cold air returns? These handsome return grilles do the job admirably. Handcrafted with large openings to ensure ample air flow, they are suitable for walls or floors.

Reggio Register Wood Grilles, crafted from solid wood, are stocked in red and white oak. Dozens of custom woods are available as a special order.

Order your grilles unfinished, so you can stain or finish them to match the room; or prefinished with a clear finish. Either way, you'll find them easy to install. Just drop the unit over the duct opening – the gently rounded rims conceal any rough edges.


Reggio Product Information

How to measure for your grille

How to Measure

Inside Measurements

If this is a replacement, lift out the old vent cover and measure the opening in your floor, wall or ceiling.

If you're working on a new construction, simply measure the opening in your floor, wall or ceiling.

The width and length of your opening should match the width and length of the inside measurements of the grille.

How Our Grilles are Made

When we say our grilles are carefully handcrafted to last a lifetime we really mean it. To get a sense for the care and meticulous detail that goes into creating each and every Reggio Register® grille and register watch the video below and learn why our grilles are the finest available anywhere in the world.